For all ages, levels and styles
Beginners are totally welcome!

Studio or web
Learn in Burlington or from anywhere via webcam!

Optional standard topics
songs, basic technique, rhythm, scales, musical styles including rock and blues, simple bassline writing, basic reading and intro theory.

Optional advanced topics
harmony, melody, chord construction, arpeggios, advanced styles, slapping, tapping, strumming, clawhammering, finger-picking, compound-hammering, solo arrangement, approaches and ear training.

Teaching Affiliations
Johnson State College, Burlington College, The City Of Burlington 242 Main Afterschool program, The Burlington School Department, ROCK CAMP and The Francis Camp for Drummers.

Industry experience and education
Over 20 years of touring and recording with numerous groups and as a soloist and an extensive study of classical composition and jazz performance at the University of Vermont.

College credit available
You can earn credits via Johnson State College or Burlington College. Contact me for details!